Bank Loans

A bank loan is one of the most traditional forms of obtaining credit or loan, and often it is also the best and safest way to borrow relatively large sums of money. The reason is that interest rates are low compared to most other types of consumer loans.

It is recommended that you talk to a bank employee

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Where you will explain what the money is to be used for and how you intend to repay it. Bank loan signature; Although a bank loan can be a good solution, you should negotiate on the interest rate!

A bank loan is usually the best option if the loan is in the order of 10,000 or up to NOK 100,000. If you need to borrow more, a mortgage is often a better solution. While bank lending may be the best solution, it does not mean that you are the only creditor to go down the bank and into debt.

There is a big difference between the interest rates of the individual banks

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And you also need to be aware of the fees associated with the loan (the so-called interest rate / annual percentage rate). It may be that the interest rate in your bank is low, but when the charges come in addition, the loan may suddenly turn out to be among the most expensive. On the finance portal you will find an updated list of interest rates and charges at each bank.

It is also common for each bank to associate with a national interest rate differential, so that the most creditworthy customers are offered the lowest interest rate. It also means that you sometimes have the opportunity to negotiate a good rate with your bank.

If you are dissatisfied with the result, it often pays off and just switch banks. It doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds, so before you take out a bank loan you should “shop around” among other banks and see what they can offer.

Basically, the interest rates on banks’ loans are variable, but many websites allow you to lock in interest rates for a given period of time.

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