10 memes that perfectly sum up Missandei as a character


Missandei’s death was one of the saddest in game of thrones and one of the events that destroyed the final season for many of its fans. Her friendship with Daenerys kept a delicate balance as she had been the peaceful, humane half of Daenerys’ inner circle since they left Slavers’ Bay. Missandei and Gray Worm were also a power couple, having beaten the odds to be together.

Although not a good fighter, she was a loyal friend to Daenerys and also believed in her dream of a better world. It is therefore impossible to evoke the end of the show without mentioning Missandei and her many talents. While humor isn’t its greatest strength, the fandom has found a way to do so through memes.


ten His fighting spirit

When Sansa professed her dislike for Daenerys to Tyrion during the Battle of Winterfell, Missandei firmly reminded her that they would all be dead if Daenerys hadn’t agreed to fight the Night King. She was the only dissenting voice in the catacombs, surrounded by Northerners who disliked her queen, but she had the courage to speak her mind.

While being raised in slavery certainly had lasting negative effects on her life, the fighter in her revealed herself after meeting Daenerys. She did not express it physically but through her words which were her greatest talent. Even when Cersei sentenced her to death, she called out Dragon Fire with her last words and didn’t passively come down.

9 His romantic side

Missandei cared deeply for Gray Worm, but their romantic relationship came as a shock to many fans. While Gray Worm did his fair share to impress his daughter, most of the romance was actually initiated by Missandei.

They developed the connection while nursing Gray Worm after he was stabbed. Although Gray Worm was a calm and seemingly grumpy person, Missandei followed her heart and fell in love. Their romance culminated when they pledged to go to her homeland of Naath after the wars, though she did not make it.

8 His sense of humor

When Tyrion asked Missandei and Gray Worm to tell him a joke, Missandei actually managed to make Tyrion Lannister laugh with his story about the two sailors. However, she was not a talkative person in social settings and as a result her sense of humor was often hidden behind an innocent but serious face until she wanted to bring some joy, as she often did with Daenerys and Gray Worm.

When talking to Daenerys, the two looked at each other with understanding and could use their faces to crack a joke and laugh about it. She did the same while drinking wine and joking with Tyrion after Gray Worm defeated Tyrion at his own challenge. She helped make Gray Worm more lively and also brought out his aloof sense of humor.

seven His wife with Daenerys

Missandei was actually the only real friend Daenerys had in her circle that they could talk to without Daenerys having to play queen. She even told him about Gray Worm’s sexuality and their relationship while Daenerys confessed her own feelings for Jon Snow.

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Missandei created the best support system the Mother of Dragons had, away from her advisors, who were all male and often detached from Dany’s personal needs. The two women became so close that they could communicate using non-verbal cues and understand each other.

6 His altruism

During the Battle of Winterfell, Sansa made her disloyalty to Daenerys clear in the presence of Missandei. Telling Daenerys would have sparked another battle at Winterfell before the army left for King’s Landing, but Missandei kept the story to herself. She understood the need for Daenerys to focus on the mission to liberate all of Westeros.

Missandei was selfless and always focused on the greater good rather than her own ambitions. Although Daenerys did no more to save her when she was captured by Cersei, Missandei still believed in her and called on her to avenge her death with her dying words.

5 His irresistibility

Missandei never struggled to get people to like her. She never made any enemies, despite being so fiercely protective of Daenerys in Winterfell. Missandei represented good in a damaged world, which is why Daenerys and Gray Worm went mad when she was killed.

Gray Worm was the most affected by his death, however, as he even lost his strongman attitude upon his execution. She had a strong charismatic effect on those around her, which made them fall in love, including Tyrion and Varys.

4 Its fragility

Missandei was a valued member of Danny’s inner circle, but she was not known for her fighting abilities. For someone who had lived in slavery since childhood, they should have learned some tricks to defend themselves because there would always be a limit to what Daenerys and Gray Worm could do.

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When the Sons of The Happy attempted to assassinate Daenerys in the Fighting Pits, she was left helpless as Daenerys hoped to get the dragon to safety. She was also helpless during the Battle of Winterfell when the Wights emerged from the catacombs. She was so defenseless in physical combat that it was no surprise when she was picked up by Cersei’s army.

3 His loyalty

The moment Master Kraznys gave Missandei to Daenerys as a gift, Missandei became loyal to the Queen because she loved her, and not just as a new owner. She knew that Daenerys understood Valyrian and was doing no good because she answered “…but we are not men” to Missandei’s Valar Morghulis as they went to fetch the dragon for Master Kraznys.

Her loyalty to Daenerys was already sealed, and she wouldn’t betray her, which is why she later followed Dany even after her release. Her silence allowed Daenerys to surprise the slavers and take Astapor. She continued to be loyal even to Westeros when Daenerys faced opposition from those around her.

2 His optomism

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Missandei was taken as a slave at a very young age, but for some reason she never gave up hope of returning home. She told Gray Worm that the only place she would really like to go after the wars was Naath. She even told Jon Snow that Daenerys would give her a ship and wish her luck if she wanted to return to Naath.

Her optimism led her to believe that Daenerys would return after her long disappearance in Mereen. She never gave up hope for a better world despite all the evil she witnessed, which is why she sailed with Daenerys of Essos.

1 His resourcefulness

Missandei could speak 19 different languages, which was far more than most people in game of thrones. While translating for Master Kraznys, Missandei impressed Daenerys when she cleverly covered up the abusive words her master used during negotiations for the Unsullied.

She then made a good advisor to Daenerys by expressing how well she understood both the languages ​​and the customs of the different people of Slavers’ Bay. When it came to introducing Daenerys to other people, she did a great job of narrating all of her titles with a soft yet firm voice that would scare away potential haters.

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