5 most haunted places in Chennai


Chennai: Magnificent temples, beautiful beaches, jasmine, dosa and sambar and centers of historical and cultural significance – well, all of these things will definitely remind you of Chennai. However, did you also know that there is no dearth of haunted places in Chennai? Yes, you read that right! Check out the full list of some of the spookiest places in Chennai and tell us how many of these places have you heard about. Scroll down.Also Read – 17-Year-Old Chennai Student Helps IRCTC Fix Bug That Could Have Revealed Private Passenger Information

5 most haunted places in Chennai

For the unknown, some of the ghost stories in Chennai can make you shiver, whether you are a believer or not. In fact, Chennai is even home to an entire neighborhood that has been abandoned for years because it is believed to be haunted and vulnerable to incidents that can frighten most of us. Check out some of the spooky places here. Also Read – Madras HC rejects ordinance on speed limit to 120 km / h on highways, asks center to issue new notification

5 most haunted places in Chennai

First on the list is Karikattu Kuppam, which was one of the areas worst affected by the 2004 tsunami. Soon after this incident, the place began to gain its infamous reputation as being home to strange events. and scary. Due to the tsunami, many had died in this place and more than 1,000 people were left homeless. For those of you who don’t know, this place is full of abandoned houses and deserted buildings, giving it a spooky vibe! Many people in town, as reports say, believe the place is haunted by the spirits of those who died in the tsunami. Do you believe that too? Read also – A gangrenous woman in a moving car in Chennai, all the accused are detained

  • Broken bridge, Besant Nagar

Have you ever heard of the haunted stories around this bridge in Chennai? Well, even though it is considered a haunted place today, it was originally built to connect fishermen to the sea. However, it could not withstand the strong waves, broke and by the suite, has been abandoned since then. According to reports, several corpses without an I card have been recovered numerous times here. People avoid going to this place after sunset. Many people, including local fishermen, have said in the past that they heard a woman cry at night. What do you think?

This place is very popular because a movie of the same name shows how four friends decide to visit a dilapidated mansion in De Monte Colony, which is said to be haunted and survives spooky experiences. This colony was founded by a Portuguese businessman De Monte. He lived an unhappy life with his mentally ill wife, multiple reports suggest. In addition, her son also died under unknown circumstances. The settlement is located just off bustling St Mary’s Road and has two tree-lined lanes and dilapidated houses alongside. People believe that the spirits of John De Monte and his family haunt this colony. In fact, the whole colony does not have a single light.

How can we miss this place on the list? Notorious enough for its ghost sightings and eerie noises during the silent hours of the night and sometimes during the day, Anna’s flyby left plenty of room for people’s wild imaginations. He is, in fact, known to be one of Chennai’s well-known suicide points. Well, that explains the strange vibe of the place!

Even Blue Cross Road is considered haunted in Chennai. Even here, too, there have been several cases of suicide. Hence the scary atmosphere. In addition, since the road is completely covered with trees, it remains unusually dark at night. It scares anyone who crosses this path. Rumors say people have spotted a human-like creature walking the streets here. Would you dare to visit this place at night?


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