Aid programs make breweries leap


“Our goal is to build the community one pint at a time,” Adams said.

Breweries in Chino Valley, Flagstaff and Cottonwood are doing well after the pandemic, with one receiving assistance from Yavapai College’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and two receiving pandemic assistance from the federal government.

Insurgent Brewing Co., located in the Chino Valley, has been selected as the SBDC Makeover of a Lifetime recipient. SBDC used its CARES funding to help small businesses.

The selection for renovation meant better signage, fresh paint, and a large patio with awnings.

The renovations worked. Rob Valenzuela, co-owner of Insurgent with his wife Laura, said the renovation, especially signage, had doubled the number of customers. He said that before the big board with their name was displayed, a lot of people didn’t know they were there.

“As soon as the name was painted, people would come out of Safeway, see us and stop. Since then, there have been a lot of people. We have at least twice as many customers, ”he said.

Valenzuela said when they learned about the makeover they applied and they were happy and grateful to have been selected. After their selection, three SBDC representatives came to find out what needed improvement.

The SBDC was able to recruit Sherwin-Williams to donate the painting, and then they hired painters. “It helps us that our place is beautiful,” said Valenzuela. “I was surprised and honored that we were selected.”

Insurgent offers classic beer styles with personal touches. Valenzuela is most proud of an IPA called Unfaithful, which he says means unbeliever. “People try it out and say ‘wow, I can drink this.’ It’s hoppy, but not too bitter, ”he said.

He calls the food at Insurgents “high pub fare,” which offers flatbread pizzas, tacos, quesadillas and enchiladas. Meals cost around $ 15 each.

Relaxed rock and roll music is offered every Saturday night from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Local musician Terry Wheeler performs often. Brunches are offered on the first Sunday of each month from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The makeover also helped them improve their website.

Valenzuela said Insurgent, which opened in 2016, survived the pandemic by offering take-out during the most difficult time. He said repeat customers kept them going. “I like them because they knew what we went through and we are still here.”


U.S. Representative Tom O’Halleran announced that the Craft Beer Modernization Act has helped Mother Road Brewing Co. in Flagstaff and Verde Brewing in Cottonwood thrive.

Oliver Adams, director of people and culture at Mother Road Brewing Co., said the Craft Beer Modernization Act provided them with funding that allowed them to invest in their team and their new water harvesting system from CO2.

“We view the Craft Beer Modernization Act as a great benefit for independent craft brewers across the United States,” he said.

Mother Road’s goal is to pay employees in the 75th percentile relative to the jobs, industry and cost of living in the region they work in, Adams said, and the Craft Beer Modernization Act them. helps achieve this goal.

Ultimately, it was their workers’ ingenuity and dedication to their purpose and values ​​that kept them open during the pandemic, he added.

Mother Road brews quality beer using cutting-edge technology, processes and techniques that ensure fresh and delicious pints every time, Adams said. This includes four main beers, which are distributed throughout Arizona by Hensley Beverage Co. These are Tower Station IPA, Conserve and Protect Golden Ale, Limited Visibility IPA, and Daily Driver Low Octane IPA.

Conserve and Protect and Golden Ale have a collaboration with the Arizona Game and Fish Department to support the conservation of over 800 species in Arizona. A portion of the sales of each can sold goes to conservation projects.

Mother Road has a cooperative food truck called Roadside Stove, which features 360 beef sliders; 360 Beef is raised within 30 miles of the Brewery, where ranchers Zach and Shannon Wolfe practice regenerative and sustainable cattle grazing and feed their cattle the depleted grain of Mother Road.

Mother Road has a great choice of indoor and patio seating as the Brewery recently remodeled its downtown Flagstaff faucet room to include indoor seating, a large bar, and a full-size refrigerator. level beer.

“Our goal is to build the community one pint at a time,” Adams said. “One of the joys we have as a brewery is welcoming back our loyal customers. We are suitable for families, dogs and will teach everyone the basics of craft beer.

Alex Goetting, founder and brewer of Verde Brewing Co.

Goetting credited Rep O’Halleran with realizing that breweries are an important manufacturing business in small towns, as every manufacturing job creates three more jobs. He said O’Halleran staff, especially Keith Brekhus, helped them navigate the federal programs available to Verde Brewing Co.

“The different forms of assistance that we have been able to access have been very helpful in enabling us to reopen bigger and better,” he said. “We spent time keeping our heads down and masks up, and helping staff navigate the vaccination process. Federal assistance has enabled us to increase our workforce and their rates of pay.

Goetting said they have also taken the time to improve their facilities both for the customer experience and their ability to make great beer.

Verde Brewing Co. offers eight beers full of flavor, fresh and delicious. This includes a wide range of styles and flavors. “We aim to provide our customers with world-class beer with an authentic brewing experience in the heart of Arizona.”

He says their food is simple and affordable. Promotions include a half-price growler on Wednesday, half-price nacho on Thursday, and a half-price barbecue sandwich on Friday.

Verde Brewing Verde Brewing can accommodate 35 people indoors and 35 outdoors. Goetting hopes to add music in the spring.

The appeal of Verde Brewing has spread beyond Cottonwood. Research from Arizona State University students has shown that Verde Brewing has become a recognizable brand statewide. Goetting attributes the company’s popularity to a simple desire to make better beer.

“We have a great staff, and it’s so nice to work with them,” he said. NBF

By Stan Bindell, FBN


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