Charles Barkley explained why he doesn’t appreciate Christmas: “When you’re black and rich, everyone thinks he’s part of your family.”


Christmas is a big holiday for many people around the world. The NBA is no exception, as it presents its biggest day of the regular season, where it features incredible clashes between renowned teams to delight all the fans celebrating at home.

Everyone around the league enjoys the holidays, but just like the rest of the popular stuff, there is a group of people who don’t like tradition. In the NBA, we find a Grinch in Charles Barkley.

The former Phoenix Suns, Philadelphia 76ers and Houston Rockets player doesn’t like Christmas and made it clear in 2015. Chuck doesn’t like a lot of people trying to be nice to him just when the The holidays are coming, which prompted the 1993 NBA MVP to develop animosity towards Christmas.

“Dude, you know, Christmas isn’t much fun for me,” Barkley said via USA TODAY Sports. “It’s just a big waste of money. When you’re black and rich, everyone thinks he’s part of your family. Everyone is a parent. Everyone wants a really nice gift. It’s like your family, one year you buy them a house, the next year you buy them a car, the next year you buy them a sweater.

“They look at you like, ‘Do you only have a sweater for me? They always want the giveaways to escalate, so you can never get them a sweater if you bought them a house the year before because they’re pissed off. I am not a big fan of Christmas. I firmly believe that Santa Claus should only bring gifts to children. I think Santa Claus should bring presents for everyone until they get out of high school, and then that’s it. This is my personal opinion.

Barkley has good reason to think so on Christmas, and many people across the country must feel the same way. Christmas is a holiday to spend time with your family, but sometimes some think it is about spending a lot of money on gifts for people you are not so close with. Chuck kept it real there and it’s hard to disagree with him on that point. Still, we’re not rich, so it’s hard to know how annoying people can be when they get cheap gifts.

He knew how to take care of his money after his first agent stole $ 100 million from him, so it’s not hard to see why Chuck took this approach for Christmas.


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