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We are closer to Ukraine than ever and not just in an alphabetical list of 195 countries in the world.

The United States is at its lowest point between the United Kingdom and Uruguay, but an agonizing war has brought our two countries closer together. Vladimir Putin abandoned all semblance of human decency and ordered 150,000 troops across the border to, he says, demilitarize Ukraine and stop the Nazis. Putin apparently has supernatural powers as he is the only one who can see the Ukrainian Nazis.

You must like the response from the German Embassy in South Africa.

“What Russia is doing in Ukraine is slaughtering innocent children, women and men for its own gain. It is certainly not about “fighting Nazism”. Shame on anyone who falls into the trap. (Unfortunately, we are a bit of an expert on Nazism,” the embassy said in a tweet. In case you missed the point, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is Jewish, an automatic disqualification for Nazism.

Putin rightly believed that Russia had enough weaponry and soldiers to defeat the Ukrainians. Maybe he forgot that those who didn’t have guns or anti-tank weapons had cellphone cameras and weren’t afraid to use them. The result was that the world saw hospitals bombed, dead civilians, pregnant women running for their lives, and terrified old people and children. Putin’s response was pretty much to ask, “Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?” Tucker Carlson and US Representative Madison Cawthorn chose to believe Putin, with Cawthorn calling the Ukrainian president a thug and accusing him of spreading misinformation in America.

Recently, young Mr. Cawthorn was caught driving in his mountainous congressional district with a revoked license. Mr. Cawthorn is a strong believer in law and order for others. As Putin’s apologist Cawthorn breaks traffic laws, Russian forces rain down bombs, rockets and artillery on innocent civilians in a country they attacked without provocation.

This is the same Putin who came to Sea Island in 2004 for the G-8 summit hosted by President George W. Bush. A woman who recently visited Sea Island was appalled that the Russian flag was still flying with those of other participating nations.

After contacting Sea Island, the company said Russian flags had been removed from the display at the entrance and from the summit room. Additionally, Sea Island told him that Putin’s name sign had been removed from the summit room.

At home, prices for everything continue to skyrocket as Biden attributes pump prices to Putin. The truth is, prices started to rise in Biden’s first year in office because you need fuel to haul everything. His supporters say it’s because pent-up demand has outstripped supply, but Biden has canceled drilling leases and pipeline projects cutting those supplies. After all, it’s been months since people started putting those little stickers of Biden bragging “I did that” on gas pumps. Biden’s image points to rising prices.

So what did he do to fix it? Instead of making a deal with American producers to increase supply, he instead made a deal with Satan going hat in hand to Venezuela and Saudi Arabia hoping their tyrannical rulers would increase the flow of rough. The United States has gone from a net oil exporter under Trump to a nation once again dependent on foreign oil. Biden said this week that the United States must become energy independent. We were heading in that direction until hesitant Grandpa Joe took over. Until we do, however, we cannot stand up to people like Russia and other godless despots. Keep in mind, however, that Trump called Putin a genius after the invasion.

While we worry about gas prices, Russia is plunging Ukraine into darkness and killing noncombatants with abandon. I can only imagine what they are going through. You never prepare for a bomb or a rocket falling from the sky, especially not a hospital or a building.

Even if war is just a daytime smoke or a nocturnal flash on the horizon, it is still unsettling.

I have some experience in this field, although nothing corresponds to what is happening in Ukraine. In 1971, I was sitting on a hill on the other side of the globe, watching the lights of a village twinkle below. Suddenly, red tracers and explosions lit up the darkness on a river miles to the south. There were a few more explosions and tracers and then it fell completely black again.

Me and my army comrades had watched someone else’s war just as we as a nation are now. Even at this distance across the Atlantic and Western Europe, it’s unnerving at times, but Ukrainians see it – and feel it – up close.

St. Simons Island resident Frank Klonoski has an old friend in Ukraine who feels it. Vladlen Basysty was an assistant at the US Embassy in Kyiv when Klonoski was posted there years ago. As far as Klonoski could tell, Basysty, his wife and teenage daughter had left their apartment in the capital and were in a village about 25 miles from Kiev. Frank sent him a picture of the billboard at the western end of the causeway urging people to “Pray for Ukraine”. Basysty said he was grateful for the prayers but asked if it was possible to display the message “Close the sky”.

Let us also pray that God will open the eyes of the Russian people.


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