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The Most Washington website was forced to publish a diplomatic correction on Saturday, in a recent second iteration of perhaps the most Washington history of all: erroneous reporting on diners at The Diplomat, a restaurant popular with DC politicians.

The site in question has been Politics, the advice sheet covering the capital and the Capitol which, with characteristic capitals, informed readers of its Playbook e-mail: “SPOTTED: President NANCY PELOSI, Senate Majority Leader CHUCK SCHUMER, Sen[ators] AMY KLOBUCHAR (D-Minn) and DICK DURBIN (D-Ill) and judge SONIA SOTOMAYOR have dinner together at the Diplomate on Friday evening.

The email also offered readers a “photo of our intrepid prognosticator”.

Alas, he did not show Sotomayor.

The “photo” showed French cafe tables, waiters, diners and a woman turning away from her dessert to speak to Klobuchar, who was maskless and seated across from a masked Durbin. Schumer’s distinctive hairline was visible next to Durbin and Pelosi, also without a mask, to the right of a dark-haired woman with her back turned: the so-called Supreme Court judge.

Politico may have paused before hitting send. Not only was the face of the supposed Sotomayor not seen, but just last month another supposed scandal at “The Dip” turned out to be a “flop”.

Then, a former Republican adviser tweeted that Pete Buttigieg, the secretary of transport, and her husband, Chasten Buttigieg, had been turned away.

They were actually sitting outside. Politics has covered the slip, report: “Within minutes, at Playbook, we were made aware of this seemingly momentous news and we ourselves were quite excited to write about it today. Alas, our enthusiasm was dashed when we heard a Buttigieg’s spox tell us there was nothing to say.

On Friday, a sighting by Sotomayor would have been news. One of the three liberal justices of the Supreme Court, she had not appear in person for oral arguments earlier, on Joe Biden’s Covid vaccine tenure for private employers.

Additionally, at that hearing, she made an inaccurate statement about the Omicron-fueled Covid-19 surge, stating: “We have over 100,000 children, whom we have never had before, in serious condition. and many on ventilators. ”

As the Washington Post fact-checker Put the, it was “extremely incorrect”, like “according to HHS data, on January 8, there were around 5,000 children hospitalized … either with a suspicion of Covid, or with a confirmed laboratory test ”.

The Politico photo also came amid continued speculation about when another Liberal, Stephen Breyer, might retire, giving Joe Biden a choice for court ahead of a possible loss of the Senate. Schumer would guide any incumbent candidate.

Unfortunately for Politico, it quickly became clear that his informant was wrong. The woman pictured was Iris Weinshall, the CEO from the New York Public Library, which is married to Schumer.

A correction ensued, but to make matters worse, Weinshall was initially identified only by her husband’s name. To make matters worse, Schumer’s office Recount other points of sale which, unlike Buttigieg’s big dealPolitico had not called to verify the tip of “The Dip”.

Politico acknowledged the slippage and said the standards had not been met.

“We deeply regret the error,” he said.

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