Enforce building permit regulations — Dormaahene


The Dormaahene, Osagyefo Oseadeeyo Agyemang Badu II, called for strict enforcement of building permit regulations.

He said such a measure would make it difficult for people who do not have title to land to build.

Dormaahene said enforcing the bylaw would also prevent the occasional demolition of buildings erected on land by non-holders, which he described not only as a waste of resources but also as an indication of a society disorganized.

“Come to think of citizen-owned land that we allow multiple people to develop only to make a long-term decision that all should fall.

“I’m not in favor of demolishing buildings because after all, how much do we have as citizens for you to invest in a house only to have the building demolished later due to land issues?” Osagyefo Badu II, interrogated.


Le Dormaahene, who is also the President of the Bono Regional House of Chiefs, was speaking last Thursday at the 2022 Seminar of the Surveyors Division of the Institution of Surveyors of Ghana at Sunyani in Bono Region.

The two-day seminar was themed: “Coordinated Implementation and Management of Local Plans (Schemes) for Socio-Economic Development in Ghana”.

Investigators from across the country participated.

According to the Land Act 2020, the Dormaahene said that surveyors of various metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies were expected to carry out their duty on projects before registration commenced.

“The land value chain is a huge sector of the economy that could be leveraged for the better than this piecemeal approach that gives way to charlatans rather than professionals,” he said.

The Dormaahene further advised the leaders of the Land Commission to assess each other and ensure that professionals shamefully involved in unsound practices that sometimes resulted in lengthy litigation and unnecessary loss of life are brought to justice.


The chairman of the Institution of Surveyors’ Land Survey Division, Isaac Larbie, said most of the difficulties in achieving economic growth could be attributed to uncoordinated infrastructural development, including the poor siting of projects without the knowledge of land surveyors.

He said the conference aimed to enlighten the participants and the country on the role surveyors play in the development of the country.

For her part, Bono Regional Minister Justina Owusu-Banahene urged surveyors to take stock of their past activities and chart a new course to avoid the haphazard physical development of the country.


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