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YOUR SAYS | “He is a toxic and desperate politician.”

Hadi: Many Harapan leaders are non-believers, immoral

Apanama is back: PAS Chairman Abdul Hadi Awang, you made a mistake here when you called the leaders of Pakatan Harapan “unbelievers and immoral”.

As a so-called Tuan Guru (religious teacher), you should know what is mentioned in the Quran. Let me remind you of one of the verses:

Surah Al-Hujurat 11: “O you who have believed, let no people mock [another] people; perhaps they are better than them; nor that women make fun [other] women; maybe they are better than them.

“And do not insult each other and do not call each other by [offensive] nicknames. Miserable is the name of disobedience after [one’s] Faith. And the one who does not repent – then these are the ones who are the wrongdoers.

Hadi, go read these verses.

Dark March: That’s right Hadi. I am a non-believer in that I do not believe or have faith in your twisted words, but I do believe there is the existence of the Almighty.

Many other true believers, including myself, are guided to the true path by His Wisdom.

If you are truly a believer, you will not twist the words of the Almighty for there is an account to be rendered in the hereafter.

Vijay47: I assume, Hadi, that you are not Catholic. If you were, given the piety and good morals that you humbly profess, I would have appealed to Pope Francis and I am sure he would not have hesitated to canonize you.

Since you are unlikely to understand the word, “canonizing” is the admission of a holy person into holiness. But alas, your religion is yours, mine is mine.

You confessed, without taking any oath like other pious people do, that PAS will not form any partnership with Harapan.

Oh my God, I guess that means marriage is off the cards. You supported your dislike of Harapan by citing a litany of their sins and evil ways; in fact, they seem to go against almost every article of the federal Constitution. It’s a miracle they’re not in Kajang prison.

I have to imagine that these Harapan failings are of recent genesis, oops, because you didn’t show such an allergy playing with them in a previous election.

You say some people should be kicked out because they don’t like what PAS has done. If I dare ask, what did PAS actually do? Going through the miserable fate of Kelantan, not much, obviously.

Two last questions, sir. When you write articles of this nature, how do you keep a straight face? And your followers, are they able to stop themselves from bursting out laughing? Assuming, of course, that laughter is not forbidden.

OCT: Religion is the vision of the other world. Politics is a vision for our children and grandchildren.

Malaysia faces many real challenges, such as food security, depreciation of the ringgit, high cost of living, underdevelopment of human capital, corruption and, last but not least, religious intolerance.

Now is the time to select the best party with the right, honest politicians with a clear vision to try to alleviate the problems facing Malaysia.

It’s a high mountain to climb, but we have to climb.

JusticeNow! : Hadi sounds like a broken record. Malaysians are trying to put three meals on the table and send their children to school, and what does this man and his party want to do?

Please enlighten us on how your “moral” leadership will help us. We haven’t heard anything useful from your party.

If you are so preoccupied with the hereafter, what improvement have you achieved in granting quotas for the millions of people waiting to perform their hajj?

I remembered you were supposed to be the Middle East envoy, so please tell us. If you, as a “moral” leader, have not improved people’s livelihoods now and in the future, then what are you talking about?

Iphonezours: Hadi, this is clearly a sign of great desperation. Having tasted power at the federal level and the dismal performance of PAS ministers, which even the Malays have realized, Hadi knows all too well that PAS has lost a lot of support.

To cling to power, he tries all means – using religion, courting Umno using the big ummah tent, degrading non-Muslims as the root cause of corruption, and now, this stupid statement about Harapan.

Malaysians are not stupid and can see your desperation. PAS is a threat to multi-racial and multi-religious Malaysia. It’s time to give them the boot.

Kawak: Hadi, it’s so obvious that you and your PAS are in panic mode. Hadi knows that support for his party is down. He and his government deputies are useless and contribute nothing to the nation. He failed to convince Umno to support his party.

Bersatu is fragile. So, to get Malaysian support, all he has to do is play the race card. Furthermore, he accused non-Muslims in the opposition of being corrupt, misbehaving, being anti-Malaysian, anti-Muslim, anti-monarchy and unconstitutional.

Hadi is truly a toxic and hopeless politician.

Cogito ergo sum: How long will the authorities remain silent as this provocation continues unabated? At best, he’s only called in to chat with curry puffs and tarik.

It is quite obvious that he is encouraged to secretly pursue his rantings to divide the rakyat before GE15. This will backfire because, to any reasonable person, his statements are seditious.

Koel: So, Hadi, are lying, deviation, hypocrisy and hatred towards other believers considered moral and virtuous in your opinion?

The moment you show contempt, arrogance and disdain towards another person’s belief is also the moment you show weakness as a human and believer of any faith.

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