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The winning work

We are delighted to share that our solution for an international brand was considered a great success. Redbin won Silver for Excellence in Marketing Innovation and Bronze for Excellence in Marketing to a Specific Audience, at the recently concluded Philippines Marketing Excellence Awards 2021.

The challenge for the brand was to provide outdoor hubs to its consumers, and even non-consumers. After a few brainstorming sessions, we came up with a solution that sparked brand-customer interaction – well-designed designated areas and the first-ever omnichannel communication hub in the Philippines.

We built aesthetic hubs in 13 of Ayala Malls’ busiest locations, and inside each hub was either a kiosk or a vending machine containing the brand’s products.

By allowing people to connect to the free Wi-Fi available in select hubs, users could be notified of existing brand promotions and events via splash pages, as well as physical posters.

And via Wi-Fi, the brand was also able to access responsibly collected data such as email addresses and phone numbers, among others. On top of all that, Redbin developed a proprietary app called Abacus that monitored products purchased inside hubs, and what brands they were.

As we ignited a highly targeted brand communications strategy, the campaign worked wonders not only for the agency, but for the brand as well, as it saw a significant increase in sales in just the first three months.

The problem solvers on the work that generates results

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We asked our chief problem solver Ben Berdin why Redbin was called problem solvers. Without blinking, he said confidently, “We are a brand-driven agency. We generate results.

And that’s what our “in problem, out solution” philosophy is all about: offering strategic solutions.

With 23 years of experience in the industry, Berdin showcases his endless passion for building brands, so much so that he has no dream brands to work with. He said:

“I don’t have dream marks. And I don’t have to choose one. Instead, what I dream about is Redbin helping turn any unknown brand into something big.

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Our Managing Director Jam Loresto, who has over a decade of experience in different areas of advertising – from ATL and BTL to media buying – shared that you can only deliver effective solutions when the strategic creativity is in place.

She defined it as: “Carefully planned ideas. At Redbin, we’ve always been more enthusiastic about tough demands; where we need to do more than usual, pushing back the extension of the frontiers. When the requirements or the scope are more complex, that’s where we really succeed in solving the problems. »

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Having spent 17 years creatively working with various local and international brands, our copy-based Creative Director Kirk Kaiser brings his own take on problem solving through strategic creativity.

“Strategic creativity is objective. No ifs and buts about it. It can be as complex as creating new technology that solves real-life hunger via virtual food or as simple as a poster telling you that your recycled materials can build a home one day,” he said. -he declares. “As long as this resolves the challenge given to the agency, you know you’ve done your job.”

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In the end, it all comes down to the strategy behind the job. This is how our art-based creative director, Elvin Julian III, sees the value of strategic creativity.

With years of working with big brands, he said, “Strategic creativity should be good for tackling a problem. Executions can be wild or off the beaten path, but staying aligned with the objective or strategy should always be observed.

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For someone who’s spent time creating below-the-line campaigns for established brands, Steph Castillo, our agency’s senior account manager, says having full execution plans with actionable ideas is a must for strategic creative work.

She said ideas should not just be creative, but “should be feasible and solve real problems”.

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Redbin Account Manager Jenica Kabigting agreed that strategic creativity is all about careful planning. She said it needs to be backed up with data.

“Now in the digital age, we have several resources that would allow us in the industry to find creative solutions to real-life problems,” she said, sharing her knowledge after working with different customers, from telecommunications to pharmaceuticals and other industries.

Life as a Problem Solver at Redbin

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Nothing beats the satisfaction of coming back to customers with solutions to their problems.

“Being a problem solver and having a problem solver’s mindset, where every day starts with challenges and every day ends with solutions is fulfilling,” Loresto said.

“It never gets routine or boring! You can tackle internal and external problems directly, focusing only on problems and solutions. Having this mindset helps me be more efficient and focused.

For someone as fun as Julian, it’s definitely a good time to lead creatives. He admits the challenges are here and there, but the learning experience with his team is what he loves.

“It’s quite difficult leading a growing team in these changing times, it’s getting overwhelming. But while I’m leading the team, I’m also learning from everyone. We learn from each other, and that’s is what matters.”

As they say, teamwork makes the dream come true. No wonder Kaiser enjoys collaborating not just with creatives, but with everyone on the team.

“I’m a firm believer in the spirit of collaboration and I like to get my hands dirty as long as the team is in the mud with me.”

Problem solving style

Coming from different generations and backgrounds, problem solvers have their own way of attacking a problem. However, as Berdin said:

“When they are brought together in a unified purpose, they become irrefutable.”

Loresto says she thinks of people affected by a problem. Being socially sensitive and a logical thinker helps her turn creative strategic ideas into effective solutions.

Watching past works online is what works for Julian.

“I am inspired by the world, then I use it to create a unique and humorous work.

Summarizing our agency’s problem-solving style, Berdin added:

“Know the brand and its consumers by heart. Only then will you discover the best solution.

Goals for the present and the future

Our agency’s goal is to keep creating, solving and winning. No one prepares to lose. That’s why our agency only prepares to win every time. Whether it’s winning new brands, winning the hearts of consumers, or even just going through each day knowing that we’ve done our best to provide the solutions our customers need. Every victory, no matter how big or small, we celebrate and welcome at Redbin.

Prize-winning creativity is strategic creativity

All insights from Redbin thought leaders only conclude that award-winning creativity is the result of strategic creativity. From ideation to execution, we create works that not only look pretty, but solve real problems.

We empathize with our customers and understand that their real problems also need real solutions. And that’s exactly why Redbin is here to stay.

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