Marsy’s Law case involving Tallahassee police postponed again



For the third time, the Florida Supreme Court on Thursday adjourned proceedings in a high-profile case involving a 2018 constitutional amendment known as “Marsy’s Law.”

Last week, the court scheduled oral arguments for November 3, but on Thursday accepted a request to postpone the hearing. That request stemmed in part from two attorneys in the case planning to travel overseas from Oct. 18 to Nov. 2, according to court documents.

Marsy’s amendment to the voter-approved law included a series of protections for victims of crime.

Last year, the 1st District Court of Appeals sided with two Tallahassee police officers who invoked the law to prevent their identities from being disclosed after use-of-force shooting incidents in which they were threatened. Officers argued that they were victims in the incidents.

The city of Tallahassee has appealed to the Supreme Court and has been joined by news organizations saying the names of the officers should be released.

Arguments were originally scheduled for August 31 but were postponed to October 3 because a lawyer was unavailable. Oral arguments were postponed again last week to November 3 due to Hurricane Ian.

Thursday’s order did not set a new date for oral argument.

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