Mae Suramek, a longtime resident of the town of Berea, said she believes Kentucky’s greatest resources are the Kentuckians who work hard every day to make it a better place.

Just three weeks ago, Suramek was nominated by the Madison County Democratic Party for a seat in the 89th District House of Representatives which represents Jackson County and parts of Madison and Laurel Counties.

If elected following the November 2 special election, she hopes to be a representative who raises the voice of hardworking Kentuckians.

Until the opening of two successful Berea businesses, Suramek said she had spent her entire professional life in nonprofit and social justice work. Suramek has held positions with the Lexington-Fayette County Urban Government’s Human Rights Commission, as well as director of alumni at Berea College and executive director of the Rape Crisis Center.

“After all of this, I found out there was a pattern,” Suramek began. “While I was interested in helping victims of sexual assault and, of course, human rights, most of the time it was always about fundraising, writing grants, doing fundraising and organizing fancy events that the people I served couldn’t even afford. go in. I told myself that there had to be a better way to fund the essential work needed in our community.

This enabled him to open a social enterprise with a mission to put people, community and the environment first through profit. Since opening the business, she has helped raise $ 120,000 for local nonprofits.

It’s that same mission of putting people, community and the environment first that she hopes to do for Jackson, Laurel and Madison County.

Three weeks ago, when former Rep. Robert Goforth stepped down, Suramek found herself believing that this region and District 89 deserve a representative who ‘lifts their voices’ and works for their district and connects them to resources for. fight for policies that ensure their life. merit.

“I didn’t feel like this was happening with our former rep and I decided I would run for the seat,” she said.

Since his nomination was confirmed by the Democratic parties in all three counties, Suramek and his team of nine volunteers have come together to launch a website and campaign.

“It’s not for the faint of heart,” she said of the campaign.

With a short time until Election Day, Suramek said she was ready to be in the Capitol Rotunda where she planned to sit face to face with other members of the legislature to chat and talk about the differences as human beings.

“There aren’t enough safe daycares, we need better road infrastructure, our food banks are struggling, homelessness, drug addiction – all of these issues are different and I’m listening and issues that I want to approach in Frankfurt so that our communities are not struggling, ”she said. “I think if you sit face to face as humans experiencing these things; I really think if we start there we can make a dent. And I try to live my life this way and I want to take this Frankfurt approach. “

Suramek said she didn’t have a personal agenda or plan on “how to save the district” because she didn’t think the area needed to be saved.

“There are a lot of brilliant and amazing people doing the hard work every day in Jackson, Laurel and Madison counties and I want to make their priorities mine,” she said. “I plan to elevate, support and connect resources to existing work already in progress. “

Madison Democratic Party President Martina Jackson said on behalf of the party’s local that the group is incredibly proud to have Suramek as a candidate for the 89th district.

“She has a strong commitment to the community and brings a lot of skills and experience to the table. We believe this is a candidate that the community can support. Our party is committed to electing people like Mae because she has been a leader and a strong voice in the community. She is well respected. Mae is a small business owner, social entrepreneur, mom, former director of a nonprofit, and a believer in the people and power of Kentucky. She is ready to work for the inhabitants of the 89th arrondissement. She has what it takes to represent all Kentuckians in Frankfurt, ”Jackson said.

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