NASA hires 24 priests for a very special project: the Word of God on board


We’re used to hearing from everyone when it comes to who, how, and what went to space thanks to a mission from NASA, Blue Origin, or SpaceX. But these astronauts are a little offbeat.

NASA brings the word of God on board –

Once upon a time there was a pilot, crew and 24 chaplains entering a rocket. No, this is not the start of a joke. There are twenty-four priests enlisted before Nasa to test the effect Aliens on humans. Having said that, it’s hard to believe, but there is a logical explanation behind it. His news of the absurd was reported daily mail Thus, the most famous American space agency in the world has funded a so-called good project with a million euros and more since 2014. “theologian” At the CTI (Center for Theological Inquiry) of Princeton University in New Jersey, in order to bring “The word of the Lord.

NASA project includes 24 priests

Andrew Davison, priest and theologian ofCambridge University He holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Oxford and is one of the very enthusiastic theologians involved in the NASA project and refers to this day “We are getting closer and closer Find life on other planets. Davison will be publishing a book called Astrobiology and Christian Doctrine next year, which promises to be a lot of fun.

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The different religions of planet Earth can make a significant contribution in terms of understanding the possibility of discovering extraterrestrial life on other planets.Understanding these things, Davison explained, is certainly not a legendary inventor or a mad inventor of grotesque theorizing, but a scientist with a long career behind him. “ However, even non-religious people are no less numerous and may overestimate, for example compared to American Christians, the challenge, even spiritual and mental, of the existence of extraterrestrial life beyond Earth.

Studies and polls have shown that American Christians are unwilling to accept the fact that there may be life on other planets. Davison is not the only “believer” who does not believe that the idea of ​​aliens is impossible, quite the contrary. As well Doilia de MelloMany of his students are fascinated by this theory, said the astronomer and professor of physics at the Catholic University.If we are a product of creation, why doesn’t life evolve on other planets as well? There is nothing to say to the contrary.De Mello Al said Washington post in August.

Okay, but imagine them with the typical church pass. beautiful? –

In 2008, the Vatican’s chief astronomer raised this theory, stating that there is no conflict between belief in God and the possibility of alien forms, perhaps more evolved than humans. “In my opinion, this possibility (of life on other planets) exists.” These are the words of the pastor. José Gabriel Funes, a 45-year-old Jesuit priest who heads the Vatican Observatory and scientific advisor to Pope Benedict. “How can we exclude that life has evolved elsewhere?. Certainly, in such a vast universe, this hypothesis cannot be excluded. “

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However, not all theologians agree with the idea of ​​life on other planets. Of course, everyone has their opinion. And it did not go like today, we give different sides. Always daily mail Kalam Reports Albert Mühler, who in a 2008 interview, when asked if there were aliens, noted: The answer is no, it is inevitable.

“We have no reason to believe there is another story. There’s nothing in the Bible that says there can’t be any form of life anywhere. But what we are told is that the universe was created for Jesus Christ to be on this planet, in space and time. And history will save sinful humanity.

Obviously he never saw ET


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