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The space is full of surprises and wonders. The beauty is unprecedented and sometimes we come across such beauty that we cannot help but be hypnotized and make sense of the resplendent heavenly structure.

Trust NASA to send us such photos! The space agency regularly posts photos that it clicks on through its social networks. And one of his photos makes us gaga again.

The image is of ‘Hand of God’. The photo shows a golden structure on the deep black background of space that has arranged to resemble a hand. And it would have been surprising if it had been called anything other than “hand of God”. The structure seems to emerge from nothing, just like a Supreme Being wanting to transmit his blessings and nothing more. Take a look at the picture.

NASA explains that the golden structure is a nebula of energy and particles blown by a pulsar. The pulsar was abandoned after a star exploded. This pulsar is known as PSR B1509-58. It is about 19 kilometers in diameter. What is astounding is that it spins 7 times per second. It is 17,000 light years from Earth.

Internet users are obviously amazed by the images.

“It should be called ‘Hand of Midas’!” says a surfer, referring to the fairy tale of a king whose touch turned everything to gold.

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“How do you measure something that is only 19 km in diameter 17,000 light years away? This cray cray”, exclaims another user.

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“To me it looks like fire from Lord Shiva’s third eye, and he wears an earring and his hairstyle is ganga,” a third user delves into Indian mythology.

No wonder the beautiful image has gone viral and already has around 25,000 likes.

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