Nirvana thought “Teen Spirit” was just “another cool song”



Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is a hugely iconic game-changer, but when it was recorded the band had no idea how big it was.

In an interview with NME in honor of the 30th anniversary of no matter, Dave Grohl said: “I remember writing ‘Teen Spirit’ in our rehearsal space, and I liked the riff that Kurt [Cobain] came up with because it’s impactful. Those dull, stabbing thumps between the chords really leaned into the pattern of the drum riff.

Grohl continued: “Of course, no one had the psychic foresight to imagine that [Teen Spirit] would continue to do what he did. We just f-in ‘rocked it in a small rehearsal space that looked like a barn.

He then added: “I think everyone was more focused on songs like ‘In Bloom’ or ‘Lithium’ or ‘Breed’; nobody really paid too much attention to ‘Teen Spirit’ while we were recording it. We just thought this was another cool song to record.

Of course, it was not only another cool song; he turned Nirvana into megastars and helped launch no matter atop the Billboard 200, hitting the famous Michael Jackson Dangerous from the top of the album charts.

no matter will be 30 tomorrow (September 24), and a massive reissue of the classic album has just been announced. The reissue will be available in a variety of formats (digital, CD, vinyl) starting November 12. The re-release Super Deluxe box set, which contains 8 LPs and a bunch of other extras, won’t be released until May 27. 2022.

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