Peter Adamis shares his New Year’s resolutions


As humans, we live knowing that life will get better, no matter what challenges we still face. For some, life can change in the blink of an eye, for others, they may realize that life could be better if certain changes were made. Since I started to familiarize myself with my surroundings and observe the world around me, I silently took mental notes and wondered if life could be better if I tried to improve myself.

When I was little, I needed to be fit, strong and able to take care of myself in order to survive my environment. There was no room for weakness if I were to live without fear. However, fear was my driving force in life for many years until I learned that life could be better if I diligently applied myself to developing my non-physical skills.

The military was a game-changer for me and living the life of a soldier gave me the structure I needed to further develop the life skills that I lacked. The ability to wield the pen with passion, the introduction of logic, common sense, learning leadership principles, analytical skills, knowledge, wisdom, communication and emotional control have been developed to address the challenges of the future. The fear started to lose its grip on me and finally I was free from its clutches

The ability to control emotions and the ability to take care of myself physically were not lost in the quagmire of continuous development, but were companions one could call upon in times of extreme challenge. Such challenges would always be overcome by using the skills and knowledge that seduced me to become my new life companions. On second thought, it would be reasonable to assume that many of us who served in uniform and / or in a paramilitary law enforcement group would have similar knowledge, life skills and outlook on life. This does not mean that we are different from those who have served only if we approach life differently.

Regarding New Year’s Resolutions (2022), the following are my own personal thoughts on the subject and I apologize in advance if I seem or seem bombastic, ironic, or mischievous. As I often do, I write with passion and with the heart, so please don’t shoot the messenger as I’m sure each person has their own opinion on this topic. The following are mine:

To love those who are dear to you, stay true to your values ​​whatever they are. Be honest with yourself, believe in yourself, don’t attract fear or make it a companion. Remove or reduce stress from your life as much as possible because it is the biggest threat to your life.

Consider all the possibilities before making a life changing decision, think about yourself first and be strong before helping others. Be kind to yourself and take a break from life challenges or issues that plague your soul. Remember the contributions of others who have walked this earth, for they too have loved, dreamed, happy, joyful, and laughed.

Challenge paradigms of the past, eliminate and / or remove unwanted elements from your life that make you sick, and do whatever it takes to recover and start your life path anew. Never be seduced by those who don’t have your best interests at heart.

Become an inspirer, an optimist, and help those less fortunate than yourself. Pray to your God using your mind if you are a believer and if you are not, do not try to influence or impose your beliefs on others, but try to be a good person.

After running the ink several times the nib has finally stopped and it’s time for me to end this year’s resolutions on a positive note. I believe that there is nothing that cannot be achieved if you think about it and commit to achieving the goals you want in life.

It doesn’t matter how old you are; live and be happy. Forgive those who hurt you to move on, but never forget because only a fool forgets.

Fight the good fight, never give up, be vigilant at all times, view life as an adventure, stop and smell the flowers, be kind to each other, heal the fighters in life, love your loved ones, contact your friends, and most importantly, remember that the world is always a beautiful place. May 2022 be kind to you.


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