Religious leaders vote on mask, vaccine debate



Masks and vaccines have created a wedge during the pandemic. Some people cite their belief system as the reason they avoid both. WINK News is pushing religious leaders here and while they are not of the same faith, they all agree that we should help each other protect each other.

Online, the idea of ​​whether Jesus would have worn a mask or not is being launched. Reverend Dr Rickey Anderson Sr. is the founding pastor of Followers of Christ Fellowship Ministries. William Glover is the senior pastor of Mount Hermon Church. Nicole Luna is a Rabi from Temple Beth El.

“When Jesus was alive, he believed in the safety of human beings and wanted everyone to be healed. And so if wearing a mask would bring healing to people, it sure would, ”Reverend Anderson said.

“Jesus would absolutely follow the medical wisdom of the day,” said Pastor Glover.

“In Judaism we have a God of love, a God of concern. And God who is with us. And I certainly believe that for love, it is an expression of divine love in us when we wear a mask, ”said Rabi Luna.

So what would Jesus think of vaccines?

“We would call it a mitzvah [a] sacred responsibility to take care of one another to love our neighbor to love the stranger, ”said Rabi Luna.

“There is age-old wisdom on how to protect yourself against an airborne virus. And some of that wisdom says the most basic thing you can do is wear a mask or a face covering, ”Pastor Glover said.

Pope Francis says vaccination is a simple but profound way to promote the common good and care for one another. Different faith leaders have a similar message.

“Jesus recognized physicians in his day, he recognized that physicians had the power to heal with medicine,” said Pastor Glover.

“We can all play a part. And then we realize that it is possible to just put on a mask, and, you know, God willing, that will help us to get out of it as soon as possible,” Rabi Luna said.

Over the past month, Mount Hermon Church has held COVID-19 vaccination clinics for the community. Pastor Glover has also said this since the approval of the Pfizer vaccine by the FDA. his church plans to host another.

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