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So, you did a little hunting, you managed to pocket some Grinches! Congratulations! NOW What??

Well I wanted to take a moment and offer some suggestions and an original Easy Grinch recipe from my own Whoville Santa pantry.

Now – Whoville Santa is a firm believer in the proper preparation of the Roast Grinch begins in the sled. He recommends that once you’ve packed a Grinchfield, dress it up right away!

Once you’ve dressed, dragged, or dragged your Woodland Grinch, there are several options available for dealing with the Grinch.

Whoville Santa likes to hang all of his Grinches for several days and then cut them up himself, but not everyone has access to a North Pole cooler or a workshop full of Whoville helpers or elves.

For non-Whoville Santas, or those with multiple Grinchs up their sleeve, there are plenty of Whoville Grinch processors that get the job done for a small fee, turning nasty old Grinches into a tasty variety of vacuum-packed meats.

Whatever your preference, once your freezer is full, what better time than the holidays to host a Roast Grinch Feast ?!

I’m sure there are skeptics, few hesitant. I hear it all the time; “I don’t know… I don’t think I like to eat Grinch.

I suspect most of these people have never tried roast cranky, or if they did, they got their cranky meal from someone who didn’t follow step 1 correctly. why not try it! Who knows? You might actually enjoy a nice holiday grinch roast! Prepared correctly, the Oven Roasted Grinch can bring joy to any holiday feast.

Plus, even if you haven’t managed to win a Grinch this season, don’t worry! This recipe is quite versatile. Any good holiday rate is. Don’t be afraid to replace. This roast grinch recipe works equally well with beef, pork, lamb, or venison. All I know is when I get there, everyone on Santa’s “Nice” list is clamoring for more. There are rarely any leftovers!

So, without further ado, here is the recipe:

“Roasted grills”


2 lb grumpy roast (Any cut shoulder is recommended)

1 lb thick bacon slices (any flavor)

2 large onions (Sweet or red recommended. One of each works, too.)

1 pack Mushrooms (Whole or sliced, at the choice of Santa Claus)

1 large green pepper (optional)

Fresh ground black pepper mill

Pinch of garlic powder

Other spices to taste:

(I recommend Smoky Montreal Steak Seasoning)

Liquid smoke

Worcestershire sauce

1 stick of butter


You will need:

A baking dish topped with a glass (if you can’t find one, use any baking dish large enough and cover with foil), large enough to hold the roast. A small handful of toothpicks, a small bowl, 2 pot holders, a large fork & a sharp knife!

To note: If you are pre-cooking it for later serving, you will also need heavy-duty foil.


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Cut, rinse and dry your favorite Grinch cut.

Slice the onions, green pepper and mushrooms, keep them separated to start.

In the bowl, combine the ground pepper, garlic powder and any other dry spices of your choice. You will need a fairly generous amount.

Mix half the spices with the onions. Reserve the other half, to pass under the roast, & toss with the mushrooms & green pepper slices.

Rub the butter on the Grinch Roast to make your spice blend hold.

Work the other half of the spices in the grinch.

Put sliced ​​onions in every nook and cranny of the grumpy. Don’t be shy with onions! The onions you have left – put a good layer at the bottom of your glass dish, toss the rest with the mushrooms and peppers to brush everything before putting it in the oven.

Arrange bacon slices equal to the length of your Grinch stuffed with onions. Wrap it all together. Fill in the gaps with more bacon as you go.

Once your Grinch Roast is completely wrapped in bacon, secure it at the top with the toothpicks, then gently lay it over the onions in the glass baking dish.

Cover with the rest of the onions, green peppers and mushrooms

Hit everything again with freshly ground pepper and any other spices you want to add on top.

Finish with a few generous splashes of liquid smoke and Worcestershire sauce.

Cover and put in the oven.

Cooking time: About 2 hours – depending on the size of your Grinch. If it’s a bone in Grinch, cook until the meat literally falls off the bone. For boneless Grinch pieces, stick a fork in. Even Cindy Lou Who should be able to sculpt it when finished.

Once cooked, take your grinch roast out of the oven. It’s ready to serve! Some Whoville Santa’s leave the bacon on when ready to serve, others remove it.

If you’re planning a pre-baking holiday feast for camp, let your roasted grinch cool a bit – wrap everything in heavy foil and chill or put in the fridge until ready to reheat. again for ‘Camp Whoville’ guests.

Suggested sides: Roasted Red Babies and Beautifully Twisted Christmas Green Salad

Recommended food and wine pairings: A good glass of End of year celebrations or Christmas spirits

Remember: Whoville Santa’s “naughty” list has no bag limit on the Grinches!

Happy Holidays!

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