Statement by President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. on International Religious Freedom Day


23 years ago, I had the honor of supporting the passage of the International Religious Freedom Act, a revolutionary law that made the United States the world leader in the promotion and defense of human freedom. religion or belief for all the people of the world. Today, on International Religious Freedom Day, I am proud to re-commit the United States to this freedom – enshrined in our First Amendment – and to lead our global efforts to lobby for it. freedom of religion or belief for everyone, everywhere.

Promoting and defending religious freedom for all is as important today as ever. Tragically, repressive governments, violent extremists and other actors in society continue to persecute and abuse individuals and groups simply because of their religious identity, practices or beliefs. These heinous acts violate human rights and human dignity. And, the repression that stifles religious freedom undermines political stability and economic development. We defend religious freedom not only as an expression of our deepest values, but also because it is a vital priority for national security. The United States will continue to rally the world to protect and promote the right to freedom of religion or belief, including through multilateral coalitions such as the International Religious Freedom or Belief Alliance.

Every faith is in the minority somewhere in the world, and we can only fully realize the freedom we want for ourselves by helping to ensure that freedom for all. On the occasion of International Religious Freedom Day 2021, my administration is committed to making this aspiration a reality around the world.


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