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God is everywhere. He is always with us and around us. God is seated on his throne, but his presence is not limited to his throne. He is better called Omnipresent, just as He is omniscient and omnipotent. God is a supreme being who has no beginning or end. He is the only true God. This is because technically the indisputable God and the most powerful God is the only true one. He is full of strength, power and glory. He is our Heavenly Father, the Father of all creation and the Creator of the universe. We are the children of God and as children we are like Him. We owe him honor, worship and worship for his majesty and sovereignty as Almighty God.

Just as the children of a king have a filial relationship with their father and swear allegiance to him, so we owe God all reverence and honor. God is spirit, the Father of spirits and lights. He is the highest, he judges all things and all things are accountable to him. Because he is always present, we are always in front of him and under his gaze. We need to be aware of this. We know how to behave in front of dignitaries and VIPs, how much more Almighty God ?. God sees everything, knows everything and hears everything. Our innermost thoughts are very clear and strong to Him. Everything we think, imagine, say or do, He responds personally to each of them. This is because he expects us to be aware of his presence and to give him respect in all our ways.
We cannot do whatever we want without remembering his eyes and ears. Everything we do without regard for Him is an insult to Him and He has His own way of teaching people.

Let’s start to be aware and aware of God who is always with us. He is always around us. He hears what we say, imagine and do. While he takes into account all our deeds and actions, he weighs them and gives the appropriate reward. It’s not like we have to sneak around and pretend. He knows us very well, he doesn’t miss the slightest imagination. It is now clear that God knows us more than anyone, it is better to know clearly who you are with Him. Tell him your deepest secrets, ugly habits, and serious sins. Admit your wrongs, weaknesses and flaws and ask Him to help you.

Let us pray now that God will help us always to feel him around us, to always be aware and aware of his presence. Let us pray that we always perceive his heart, his emotions, his thoughts, that we feel the fullness of his person at every moment of our life. We never feel alone.

May his presence be with us wherever we are. Let us feel his thoughts for us, his eyes on us and his ears on our daily contemplations. Just as Jonah could not move away from the presence of God but was followed even in the belly of a fish, may his presence never depart from us in the name of Jesus. By feeling it, let us perceive its purity, its holiness, its peace, its joy, its power, its glory, its light and its clarity in our minds. May we carry it within us and bring it into the world around us in Jesus name, amen.

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