The Untold Truth of Daredevil


While Daredevil’s blindness is his best known trait, there have been numerous occasions where he has regained the use of his eyes. However, just about everyone has proven that Daredevil is much better off without his eyesight.

One of the earliest examples of this was in “Daredevil” # 38 of 1967. In one of his evil plans, Dr. Doom uses a machine to change bodies with Daredevil. As Matt occupies Doom’s body, he temporarily gains the ability to see again. On another occasion, in “Daredevil” vol. 1 # 106, Cosmic Adventurer Moondragon grants Daredevil the temporary ability to see, so the hero can save her. Another being from another world, the Beyonder, becomes the catalyst for Matt to see again in “Daredevil” vol. 1 # 223. In his bid to acquire Earth, the Beyonder seeks legal representation for Matt and Foggy, with Matt’s sight being part of the warrant. Eventually, Matt gives up and refuses to represent him. In 1998’s “Daredevil” # 376, a secret SHIELD mission goes awry, leaving amnesiac (but more blind) Matt Murdock stranded in another country with no idea who he really is meant to be.

“Superior Iron Man” # 2, released in 2015, once again tests Matt’s resolve. A villainous Tony Stark offers him the opportunity to see, at the cost of Matt’s compliance with his sinister agenda. When Daredevil refuses, Tony not only takes away the gift, but also erases Matt’s memory of what happened.


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