Uday Chopra’s New Year’s “It Doesn’t Matter” Wish is the energy we need in 2022


Uday Chopra has his own little online space where he expresses his articulate but existential thoughts that resonate with many. So, as the world was busy saying goodbye to 2021, a year they wanted to quickly erase from their memories, the Indian actor and filmmaker was there to remind them that this was just a completion of the revolution of the Earth around the sun and that we could celebrate the New Years on another day at their leisure. In an Instagram story on her official page, Chopra wrote, “Happy New Year to those about to celebrate. For others, remember that it is just an arbitrary point in the Earth’s orbit around the sun, which we have chosen for this occasion. You can celebrate it on any other date, it really doesn’t matter! (sic) “

And in case you get a hangover and need a refresher on what Earth’s revolution really means:

“The Earth orbits the sun in 365 days, 6 hours, 9 minutes with reference to the stars, at a speed ranging from 29.29 to 30.29 km / s. The 6 hours and 9 minutes is about one extra day every four years, which is referred to as a leap year, with the extra day added on February 29, ”NASA says on its website.

Vintage chopra

This is by no means the first time Chopra has kept things simple and real for the rest of us. In October, Chopra gave us an overview of his idea of ​​philosophizing about God, human beings, religion and morals.

He began by tweeting: “There can be no wisdom without knowledge, but the opposite is quite possible.” , it is not intelligence. ”Subsequently, he completely switched to the spiritual realm when he tweeted:“ As an unbeliever, I have no idea to ask things of God through prayer. When people pray to ask for things they want, isn’t that fundamentally an act of distrust of their god. For if God already has a plan in mind for you, why are you praying for? change the plan first? ”

Another tweet about it read, “One last thought (well maybe not) if we believe that our god (s) is the one and true and only god (gods).” Who is all powerful and knowing! why do we feel compelled to fight those who disagree with us. Won’t our invincible gods be able to protect themselves against such blasphemers? ”It was, as he said, not the last thought. The next was on the Andromeda galaxy and how we wouldn’t know if it were to suddenly blink out of existence.

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