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The anger and fear of the pallet site is understandable

For those who oppose managed sites for homeless families, your anger and fear is understandable.

I was the President of the Highland Neighborhood Association when a well-meaning Christian couple came to us with a proposal to turn a vacant 40-bed retirement home into Salem’s first halfway house for men released from prison. .

I was against it, for all the reasons you listed: fear of litter, crime, traffic, a nearby elementary school, and declining property values. The neighborhood association expressed its opposition, but the city council still gave it the green light. I was livid.

Six months later, my objections have softened. Why? Because none of the things I predicted came to pass. “Samaritan’s Inn” has become a good neighbor, helping with local projects and sponsoring barbecues and an open house for neighbors. Within a year, I raised funds to help the association thrive. Twenty-five years later, Restoration House is still there, helping men find their way in society.

Emergency rooms “sort” cases to prioritize care. Restoration House, just like Church at the Park, uses the same idea. The key to success – whether in business or in community life – is effective and compassionate management.

Tim Buckley, Salem

Uproar at the West Salem Reunion:Neighborhoods push back micro-shelter site for homeless people

Support the authorization of the municipal council of the micro-shelter site

I applaud the Salem City Council for allowing a micro-shelter site for the homeless.

As residents of Salem, many of us have wished for more solutions to be found to address the problem of homelessness.

This measure was taken despite the advice “receiving a massive refoulement from the neighbors”. Of course, “Not in my garden” is something that is always on the horizon.

Let us support our City Council as it strives to do its best for our city. This action was indeed a step in the right direction. Congratulations to Hazel Patton and her efforts to support this project.

As a proud resident and owner of Salem, I say “Thank you”, Salem City Council.

MaryAnn Damerell, Salem

Pallet houses:West Salem operated micro-shelter site advanced by council

Shelter site managed better than an alternative

My wife and I are investing in two of the micro-shelters, mentioned in the September 29 front page article, “West Salem OK’d Homeless Camp”. We also encourage friends, groups of friends, faith communities, and citizens of Salem to do the same.

This is a much better alternative than putting the homeless to sleep on downtown sidewalks or under bridges.

Congratulations to City Council for voting in favor of the West Salem site; Councilor Lewis, for his courageous vote despite NIMBY’s uninformed pushback; for Councilor Stapleton’s flip-flop commentary on the success of the homeless community on the old DMV site; and kudos to The Church at the Park for their expert care and grace while caring for former homeless people at the Community of Hope site, formerly the location of DMV.

They are something quite different from a “camp”. It is a “helping hand” for those in need.

Ron Steiner, Salem

Do you have $ 5,000? :Salem volunteers raise funds for micro-shelters for the homeless

Supporting universal health care is not a partisan issue

As a future constituent of Rep. Kurt Schrader, D-Oregon, I am angry with his vote to deny Medicare the power to negotiate drug prices.

This system works well for the VA, saving tens of billions of dollars a year. As a former VA provider, I can attest that I have never had a problem getting any medication my patient needed. I was happy to have to make an occasional request for over-the-counter medications, knowing that the money saved was used to treat my patients.

Could the reason why Schrader voted against a cost saving measure approved by 91% of his voters could be related to the fact that he took over $ 600,000 from Big Pharm, including over $ 114,000 in the last? electoral cycle? Or maybe it was the family connection to Pfizer, the source of its recent exceptional legacy?

Schrader is part of a bipartisan effort to protect an industry that robs the public and helps threaten Medicare’s solvency. That’s why voters must learn to look beyond party labels and vote for candidates who put their interests ahead of those of health profiteers.

Once we learn to look at issues objectively, it becomes clear that supporting an effective and universal health care system is not a partisan issue.

Rick Staggenborg, MD, Albany

Women’s contributions to mathematics and science

I am a strong supporter of STEM education, especially for young girls. They are the best hope for the future of humanity.

One inspiration that seems to be lacking in the media is Ada Lovelace (1815-1852), Lord Byron’s only daughter. She was a mathematician and a writer. She married Charles Babbage, the creator of the mechanical computer.

But Ada was the first computer programmer who gave Babbage’s computer machine some semblance of knowledge.

David W. Thompson, Salem

For subscribers:Independence building approved to move forward

Help find local solutions to fight climate change

The summer of 2021 was the hottest on record in Oregon. We hit 117 degrees in June and over 100 people died. Temperatures topped 90 degrees on a record 41 days this summer. We have been in extreme drought conditions all year round.

Climatologists report that humans are driving climate change that is leading to higher temperatures, melting glaciers, coastal flooding, more frequent and severe hurricanes, and dying oceans.

The very future of human life is in danger if we do not change course. Significant changes are needed at all levels. There are even simple things that individuals and families can do to help solve climate change.

What if we stop idling our cars when they are stopped? Dry clothes outside in good weather? We could consider switching from natural gas to electricity. Financial incentives are available to do these things.

We are not helpless, but we must act now. A small grassroots community group was formed to find local solutions and help bring about meaningful change.

The Monmouth-Independence Community Climate Working Group has a website (www.mitown-climate.org) and would like you to join us.

Michael Cairns, Independence


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