Whitney Way Thore gets salty with critical fan: she is NOT a Christian!


Whitney Way Thore isn’t the type to back down from anyone. And, she demonstrated it recently on Instagram. In fact, whenever she encounters opposition, she is quick to respond and put in her two cents.

Choosing to live in the public eye can earn you a big paycheck. It can also elicit a lot of opinions, good and bad. But, largely critical. Whitney Way Thore is nothing new to the public, being in her life and receiving unnecessary comments. Whether the drama lives on on the show for ratings or is only part of the star’s life, Whitney has his fair share.

Fans broke out on her Instagram recently

Fans go crazy over Thore’s love choices, her relationship with Buddy, her choices to move between cities, her weight loss progress and more. However, her most recent response to a fan regarding her beliefs takes center stage.

One fan decided Whitney’s take on Christianity was not what she wanted her family to watch.

The frustrated fan said, “I am removing the series from my Big Fat Fabulous Life and I will never watch or hear anything you do again.”

I am saddened for you that you are an unbeliever in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. I cannot support your crazy thoughts in any way.

Credit: Whitney Way Thore / Instagram

Whitney Way Thore retaliates

Whitney quickly applauded the fan without remorse: “Not an ounce of me cares if you look at me or support me, but I want you to know that a Christian, I studied religion a lot in college and I can tell you. say without a doubt that your comment does not demonstrate Christian principles… ”

Whitney Way Thore Instagram photo

It turns out that Whitney Way Thore is not a Christian. And, she’s done her part to make this clear with her followers. While some fans have made it clear that they have certain opinions about his religious beliefs, that’s not exactly what the show is about.

At the end, My big fabulous life is about a woman who defies the odds and goes against the grain. A plus-size woman who breaks down barriers and goes where no other woman her size has gone. From dancer to weightlifter, hopefully soon to be a certified fitness trainer, Whitney can and will do it all.

To concern My big fabulous life on TLC. And, keep coming back to TVAce series for the latest news from the TLC star.

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