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In last week’s column I revealed that the Book of Genesis where the Ancient of Days told Abraham to sacrifice Isaac was written in 1445 BC. It is in chapter 22: 1 – 19 and it was about two thousand and forty – five years before the publication of the Quran which gave the son to be sacrificed like Ishmael (chapter 37: 101 – 111). With this fact, it is logical or correct reasoning that Christians would view the report in the Muslim holy book as a substitution made by the Prophet Muhammadu (or Muhammad).

This is because he would have regarded Ishmael as an Arab compatriot and a member of his religion. Although Ishmael, Abraham’s son was an Israelite (Israeli in modern times), he lived in Egypt in his mother Hagar’s land from his childhood until his death at the age of 137 ( Genesis 25: 12-18) and was also married to an Egyptian woman (Genesis 21: 9-21). This concretely means that he was more of an Arab than an Israelite.

But it is wrong to think that Prophet Muhammadu changed the name of Isaac to Ishmael in the Quran because it was an act of God in which he had nothing to do with it. The same with the voice of heaven calling Jesus in the Bible the son of God after his baptism (Mark 1:11) and during the transfiguration (Matthew 17: 5).

While in the Koran, Jesus is described as the son of Mary and not as that of God (chapter 2 verses 87 and 253 and chapter 4: 157). According to the facts available in the introduction to the Quran, the Muslim holy book was not written by the prophet Muhammadu. Rather, the content was given to him by the Heavenly Father through the angel Gabriel.

Prophet Muhammadu was an illiterate who could not read or write. This is evident from the way he was called by God at the age of 40 in a trance while he was asleep. Angel Gabriel would have told him to read! His response the first two times was, “I can’t read. But the third time, in a very loud and frightening voice, he was ordered to “Read” and Muhammadu’s response was: “What should I read? “

Then the voice said to him: “Read in the name of Allah who creates man from a clot.” Lily; and it is the most generous Lord, who teaches by the pen and who teaches man what he did not know. What the angel Gabriel told him and the contents of the holy book were then explained to the prophet Muhammadu.

Islam means surrender of man to the will and design of God while the Muslim Holy Book, Al-Quran is the Reading, the Reading of the man who could not read. I believe the Ancient of Days chose to give the Quran to Prophet Muhammadu because he was illiterate, because if he had been a man of letters most people would have said he wrote the Quran and that he was lying that the Lord had given it to him.

The Supreme Being who created the world, human beings, animals, mountains, rocks, rivers, oceans, forests and other things in it is the One who does what he chooses to do. do and in the way he wants. While he produced the Quran as he did, he chose to have the Bible written by human authors who would have been inspired by him or by the Holy Spirit.

The 39 books of the Old Testament were written by 27 men, most of whom were prophets like Moses, Joshua, Samuel, Isaiah and others, while the 27 books of the New Testament were written by eight men, including three were the disciples of Jesus Christ. – Apostles Peter, John and Matthew.

The other five were John Mark, the son of Mary, a woman close to Jesus (Acts 12:12), Luke the physician (2 Timothy 4:11), James and Jude, Jesus’ half-brothers (Jude 1: 1) ), and one of Barnabas (Acts 14:14) or Apollos (Acts 18:24 & 1 Corinthians 3: 5) who would have written the book of Hebrews.

Almighty God made the Bible to have 66 books out of a total of 1,184 chapters with 924 in the Old Testament and 260 in the New Testament. While the Quran that he provided to the Prophet Muhammadu is a book of 114 chapters. I made these points for appreciation that the King of Heaven and Earth does things as He chooses and why He made the son Abraham had to sacrifice to be Isaac in the Bible and Ishmael in the Bible. Koran.

For those who will not believe that God caused the substitution of the name of Isaac in the Bible with that of Ishmael in the Quran, I draw their attention to what He said in Isaiah 55: 8-9. That’s where He made the statement, “My thoughts are not like yours and my ways are different from yours. As the heavens are above the earth, so are my ways and my thoughts above yours. This shows that the King of Kings can do what human beings perceive to be unthinkable.

The beginning of the story about why Isaac was the son Abraham wanted to sacrifice in the Bible but was Ishmael in the Quran dates back to the Lord’s statements in Genesis 16: 1 – 15. These are the statements that were at the origin of hostility between the Israelites (Israelis in modern times) and Arabs and discord between Christians and Muslims around the world since the establishment of Islam in the 7th century AD.

I am referring to what the Ancient of Days said to pregnant Hagar, the Egyptian slave born to Sarah, the wife of Abraham. It was then that due to the harshness with which her mistress treated her, she decided to return to her country. But an angel of the Lord appeared to her in the wilderness and told her to return to Sarah and submit to her. He then informed her that she would give birth to a son who should be called Ishmael, which in Hebrew means “God hears”.

Finally, the Angel told Hagar that her son would be a wild man, who would be against everyone and everyone would be against him and would live apart from his relatives.

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10 most immigrant Lagosians – lawyer Sapara Williams, of Ijesa descent

Chief Christopher Alexander Sapara Williams is not on the list of the ten best Lagosians that I present. But I decided to write about him because he was the pioneer lawyer in Nigeria and the first president of the Nigerian Bar Association from 1900 until his death on Monday March 15, 1915. Chief Sapara Williams whose younger brother Oguntola Sapara was one of Nigeria’s first doctors was the son of a freed slave born in Sierra Leone on Friday July 14, 1855.

He was also a politician and one of the first in the country to be appointed by the British colonial government to serve on the Legislative Council in 1901. He was a member until his transition 12 years later. He was also reportedly the first Nigerian to receive British knighthood, but his nomination was refused due to his activism in the campaign for independence.

Chief Sapara Wiliams is said to have studied law at the Inner Temple in London and was admitted to the English bar on Sunday November 17, 1879, becoming Nigeria’s pioneer lawyer. He practiced in England for eight years and returned to Nigeria at the end of 1887.

He established his law firm in Lagos on Tuesday, January 13, 1888 and began practicing within a few weeks. He enrolled in the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) 17 days later on Sunday, January 30, and was elected its first president in 1900 and served until his death in 1915 at the age of 59, six months and 29 days.

Lawyer Sapara Williams was renowned for being an unrivaled lawyer and one who had an intimate knowledge of unwritten customary law. In 1904 he proposed a motion that what are now Kwara and Kogi states be joined to the Southwest. This was to ensure that all Yoruba speaking people in the country were in one region. But Lord Frederick Lugard, Governor General of Nigeria rejected his proposal for administrative convenience.

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